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Liz Elam

Curator, Conference Track

It takes a certain kind of person to stand at the forefront of a movement, shaping the future of work itself while running her own innovative business and garnering acclaim from The New York Times. Liz Elam is one such person.

After graduating from Texas A&M, she worked for Dell for 15 years. Throughout the climb to her final position as Global Account Manager, she was consistently named one of Dell’s top sales representatives as she handled multi-million dollar accounts on the tech giant’s behalf.

Post-Dell, Liz cemented her plan to become an entrepreneur in an emerging field. Having been a telecommuter, she recognized the importance of alternatives to increase productivity and work-life balance for professionals in non-traditional environments and thus conceived the idea for Link Coworking. She proudly opened its doors in Austin, Texas, in 2010 and has since become a prominent voice in the coworking movement.

Claire Rodriguez

GCUC Producer

Claire recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Public Relations. With aspirations to be an event planner, Claire interned at Link Coworking during her last semester of college as an events intern. While looking for a full-time job, she found that the members she met through Coworking had opportunities and projects that would allow her to be a freelance event planner. GCUC became one of those opportunities, and Claire is loving every minute of her new venture!

Claire is also the Event Planner board member for Social Media Club Austin. When she isn’t running around doing events, she likes to hang out with her dog, Bella or play Ultimate Frisbee. If she has time, she’ll gladly throw a disc around with you while you’re here.

Iris Kavanagh

Curator, Unconference Track

Iris is the intrepid COO of NextSpace. Recruited after working as the Senior Project Manager of a highly positioned boutique design firm, she expanded her talents at wrangling a single firm into an almost supernatural ability to meet the diverse needs of the NextSpace family. Having studied dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Iris thrives in a creative environment. She worked for eight years as a freelance and union theater professional. The abilities she gained in the entertainment arena now serve her well as she coordinates the What’s Next Lecture series and organizes and maintains brand identity for Freelance Camp and Freelance Camp Pro.

How does she do it all? Iris wisely took five years off to have her daughter. During this time she learned to do five things at once, while remaining calm. She applied her knowledge in non-violent communication, positive discipline, language techniques as well as human and child development to parenting.

An advocate of working for something she believes in, she’s fully behind the crazy, fun and creative community of NextSpace. What’s more, she continues to explore the evolving future of work and the potential of open collaborative culture.

Anna Thomas

GCUC Supporter

Anna is the Chief Happiness Officer of Loosecubes, a global workspace sharing community. At Loosecubes, Anna nurtures the growing community and translates member feedback to enrich the overall user experience.

Prior to joining Loosecubes, Anna served as the Director of Marketing for The Kinetix Group, a boutique marketing consulting firm. At Kinetix, she led the development of health care marketing campaigns, with an emphasis on information technology, e-health, and strategic communications.

Anna received a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from The George Washington University, and has studied at IESE Business School of the University of Navarra in Barcelona, Spain.

She’s a native (and proud!) Northern Californian who loves exploring Brooklyn by bike, drinking pisco sours, scouring flea markets for mid-century finds, and taking workcations in far off destinations.