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Getting Un-Ready for the Global Coworking Unconference (guest blogger, Gretchen)

by Claire Rodriguez on March 6, 2012

Gretchen of NextSpace and she is headed to Austin, TX for GCUC. But is she ready?

NextSpace is headed out en masse to GCUC this week – the Global Coworking Unconference.  (Oh you want a link?  http://austin2012.gcuc.co/)

My husband is getting the carry-on out of the basement for me tomorrow, and the kids have been prepped on when mama’s getting back.   And so has my community, my other family that I mother in bits and pieces as appropriate.  I’ve got an orange shirt ready to be packed, and I’ve checked out the agenda and made some mental notes about where I want to eat.  (Austin has my heart  – and my stomach….)

But:  I still need to get un-ready.

I co-sleep, and I send my kids to a co-op preschool, and dammit, I get the whole ‘in community’ aspect of things.  I’m an Aquarius and we’re kind of militant about that sort of thing.  But I feel ready for this, and frankly – I need to get un-ready.

So – I’m dropping expectations.  And goals for the unconference, well – they’re still there, although I’ve filed them under ‘abstract notions’ so that I can be exhilarated and liberated by whatever happens and whatever interactions that I have.   They’ll still get met, but not in a linear, check this off the list way.   And contacts – I’ve deconstructed my imaginary guest list so that I am ready to meet whoever walks in the door.  If you catch me chatting up the janitor, don’t stop me – maybe I’m getting some facilities tips.

Okay Austin.  I’ve got some more clearing out to do, but I think I’m un-ready enough for GCUC.  My one expectation – and I’m holding onto it – is that it’ll be a great time.  If you see me there, say hello.

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Sarp September 22, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Midori, I loved the lyrics ! Thanks..Funny how you can hear a song and not alwyas hear the words Here is a poem I love for all to enjoy.. Doors Holes in walls that offer us a way out . or a way in Just putting your hands on the knob can make you weak in your knees .What if it’s locked?What if it’s unlocked?What if no one answers?What if someone does What if the hinges creak and the heavy door swings open and suddenly you are standing at the threshhold of a brand new tomorrow What if .What if .The End .I ask you this Why do we write to begin with? Isn’t it nothing more than the pleasure of expressing ourselves Sharing our thoughts hopes .and dreams A little glimps of who we are .Have a lovely night ..


Maryono October 22, 2012 at 9:53 am

The tip about not dwelling on a task has been inidcrebly useful for me. I find that whenever I go back, I have new ideas and don’t waste time being stuck.I’m glad someone else besides me brings a book everywhere with them! I’ve been doing that since I learned how to read and it’s amazing how much reading time I gain that way. Listening to podcasts in the car works too. Similar idea, same concept.I’m the person people outsource tasks to, but most clients seem to find that once the initial trial period is over it definitely saves them time and energy that can be better used doing tasks that pay them or spent with family, friends, etc.


Nafi September 24, 2012 at 5:07 am

Wow okay Gretchen I am listening. I’m afaird you are right. I also think I am afaird of writing, of putting it all out there and committing to it, giving so much of my life to it. What if I am just not good enough? In the end I’d rather fail than never try. Don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t. Thank you for your insight and I tell you what. You can read the first chapter of my book you and only two others if you show up in a T-shirt and sweatpants. Cause I have never seen you wear anything but suits! Do we have a deal?


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