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Jean-Yves, GCUC speaker an founder of Global Enterprise, on the rise of Coworking

by Claire Rodriguez on March 2, 2012

Global Enterprise has build an expertise in the new organizational and innovation models triggered by social technologies and human relationships.

We developed a systemic approach covering key modern shifts occuring in the fields of digital communication, cultural and individual values, open innovation, people empowerment, flexible working, business agility and creativity.

Global Enterprise provides with consultancy, expertise, facilitation, project management and networking services.

We help with the building up of entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems using a mix of social network, community management, events organization and setting up of coworking spaces. We also produce books, white papers and reports.

Global Enterprise is the organizer of the Coworking Europe conferences (2010 in Brussels, 2011 in Berlin, 2012 foreseen in Paris) and of the Intrapreneurship conference (Brussels, 2011).

Entreprise Globale has initiated the promotion and the meshing up of the newly born Coworking community in Belgium as well as on the European level. We initiated the communication framework that now allows the Coworking spaces all around Europe to know one another and experience a community feeling.

In 2012, Global Enterprise will open one or two of its own coworking spaces in Belgium.

A new innovative bottom-up entrepreneurial economy is rising and coworking is right in the middle of it

Our vision is that Coworking could become as important for the future of the creative economy as digital social networks.

Creativity is not genetical. It’s the result of a chemistry between people and ideas. It’s a slow process, stimulated by openness and the unfolding of interaction opportunities with different experiences and way of thinking.

Coworking allows people to connect not based on their belonging to a sectorial/knowledge niche but based on the values they share with likeminded people, be they inside or outside the Coworking space.

So, Coworking is the perfect platform to foster serendipity (accidental encounters). Coworking is one of the most fruitful context for the ignition of disruptive creative ideas, breakthrough design approaches and innovations. Furthermore, thanks to the community dynamic, Coworking support the development of more solid, less isolated, startups and entrepreneurial initiatives. A critical point for economical growth and future job creations.

-Jean-Yves Huwart, Global Enterprise founder

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