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ShareableShareable is a nonprofit online magazine that tells the story of sharing. We cover the people and projects bringing a shareable world to life. And share how-tos so you can make a sharing real in your life.

In a shareable world, things like car sharing, clothing swaps, childcare coops, potlucks, and cohousing make life more fun, green, and affordable. When we share, not only is a better life possible, but so is a better world.


The nature of the spaces we work in determines how we work, the quality of our creation, and our satisfaction along the way. Until recently, the form and function of workspaces has been dictated by corporate tradition. Yet a growing proportion of workers are now freelancers, contractors or small companies that have the opportunity to redefine the concept of the workspace for themselves.

Deskmag is the magazine about the new type of work and their places, how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them. We especially focus on coworking spaces which are home to the new breed of independent workers and small companies.

Stowe Boyd
For the past decade, Stowe Boyd’s work has been social tools and their impact on media, business, and society. He divides his attention across research, design, and media activities, working with a diverse set of companies and collaborators.His principal writing is found at StoweBoyd.com. Stowe writes about things not technical at Underpaid Genius, and maintain Work Media as an ongoing open research site on streaming social tools for the enterprise.
Event Correspondent
Andrea Cook is a live media expert who provides services that grow brands + buzz. With an eye for visual integrity, heart for truth and love for tribal growth, Andrea blends her role as an editor and publisher in today’s digital media era. Owner of The Midas Center, Indiana’s first cowork space and publisher of iHEART Green Media, Andrea is a pioneer, community builder, coach and consultant for hire. Services vary, Live Event Coverage preferred. She can be reached via Twitter @andreacook.

Work FreeSteven Fisher is the co-author of Work Free, a guide book on how to leverage trends such as coworking and generational shifts within the workforce to create a personalized framework for thriving in the new work order: a more flexible, “hyper-specialized” and connected workplace.

Steven is a serial entrepreneur, a sci-fi film maker, a practical futurist, a fast easter and slow runner. His focus is on the future of work and everything that intersects with it (e.g. design, productivity, social business, innovation). He is co-founder of The Revolution Institute and can be found on Twitter @stevenfisher.

Silicon Hills NewsSiliconHillsNews.com, is startup technology news site, that covers the technology community in the Austin and San Antonio region, known as Silicon Hills. Laura Lorek, a veteran technology journalist who most recently worked at the San Antonio Express-News, founded the site six months ago. SiliconHillsNews.com offers an events calendar, profiles on local tech entrepreneurs, trend stories, event coverage, jobs and soon podcasts, a weekly video broadcast and a comprehensive regional directory of technology companies. We’re like a regional TechCrunch.

Local Coworking space tackles largest global Coworking conference
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