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Alex Hillman


Alex HillmanAlex Hillman starts things: businesses, conversations, parties, and sometimes a little trouble. Alex is best known for starting Philadelphia’s Indy Hall coworking community in 2006, years before coworking became a darling of the mainstream press and mobile workers everywhere.

Benjamin Dyett


Benjamin Dyett Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work. So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting, Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for working in a whole new way, outside the system.

Jerome Chang


Jerome Chang Jerome is a licensed architect and entrepreneur. Jerome honed his design skills at Clive Wilkinson Architects (CWA), known worldwide for the office headquarters of Google, Chiat/Day and Mother Advertising. Prior to CWA, Jerome was a designer at SFJones Architect, which has designed renowned restaurants such as Spago Beverly Hills, Nobu Malibu, Hamasaku, and Lucky Strike Bowl.

Derek Neighbors


Derek Neighbors Derek Neighbors is a serial entrepreneur who helps people bring ideas to reality. Derek co-founded Gangplank, a collaborative workspace, in 2008 to help encourage local creatives to explore innovative ideas and create what they are passionate about.

Jade Meskill


Jade Meskill Jade Meskill is the CEO of Integrum Technologies, a Web and Mobile development group, specializing in Ruby on Rails and iPhone; and co-founder of Gangplank, the best collaborative workspace for creative people and innovative companies in Metro Phoenix.

Liz Elam

Link Coworking

Liz ElamIt takes a certain kind of person to stand at the forefront of a movement, shaping the future of work itself while running her own innovative business and garnering acclaim from The New York Times. Liz Elam is one such person.

Steve King

Emergent Research

Steve King Steve is a partner at Emergent Research where he leads ongoing research identifying, analyzing and forecasting global trends and shifts likely to impact businesses and society over the next decade. Steve’s current research interests are focused on independent workers, coworking, big data and the future of work.

Jean-Yves Huwart

Global Enterprise

Jean-Yves Huwar Jean-Yves Huwart is an expert in new organisation models, social communication and innovation ecosystems. He is the organiser of the Coworking Europe conference. In 2011, the conference’s last edition gathered more than 250 people in Berlin, coming from the five continents.

Jacob Sayles

Office Nomads

Jacob Sayles Jacob Sayles started Office Nomads in Seattle in 2007 with business partner Susan Evans. Jacob loves nothing more than acting as a coworking ambassador, both internationally and locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Carsten Foertsch


Carsten Foertsch Carsten is editor of Deskmag and co-founder of Deskwanted. Before he started writing about coworking he was doing research as social scientist on urban affairs and the labor market – in an unmotivating office. He loved his job, but hated his working environment.

Jeremy Neuner

NextSpace Coworking

Jeremy Neuner In addition to being the CEO of NextSpace, Jeremy is also the comedic relief, the tragic hero, and the getaway car driver. Jeremy began his career as an officer and carrier-based helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy.

Campbell McKellar


Campbell McKellar Campbell McKellar is the Founder & CEO of Loosecubes, a global workspace sharing community and resource for today’s workforce.

Kevin Kuske


Kevin Kuske Kevin is chief brand advocate and general manager for Turnstone. Turnstone, a Steelcase brand, believes everyone has the right to a great place to work, no matter the size or the budget. Spaces that reflect your individuality and spirit, in an easy and fast way.

Carolina Rendeiro

Right Space, Inc.

Carolina Rendeiro Carolina Rendeiro is owner and President of Right Space Inc. She has been dedicated to the Workspace Industry since 1978. She is a past President and Board Member of The Global Workspace Association, the trade association for the office business center industry, representing thousands of business centers worldwide.

Noelle Stary

Launchpad Creatives

Noelle Stary Noelle Stary started Launchpad Creatives in Woodbridge, New Jersey with Co-Founder, Eric Duchin in April 2010. As one of the first coworking spaces in New Jersey, Launchpad Creatives spent much of its first year focusing on getting media attention and educating entrepreneurs on what really happens in coworking environment.

Don Ball


Don Ball Don Ball calls himself a social instigator. After nearly 20 years as a copywriter and usability consultant, Don founded UnSummit, a conference that explores the nexus of social media, business and community.

Craig Baute

Density Coworking

Craig Baute It takes energy, optimism, and a love for ideas to venture off into the coworking world. Craig holds all of these as he leads Denver back into a coworking renaissance that started last summer.

Adam Devos

Internship Builder

Adam Devos After finishing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance, Adam launched Internship Builder Inc., a business aimed at helping companies build internship programs that benefit both the bottom line and the development of the intern.

Brian Mac Mahon

Your Office Agent

Brian has specialized in workplace solutions for the past 13 years, working at VP level in multiple regions for the leading provider in the industry. In this time he has been proud to lead the revolution in office space change globally and has been a leading voice in the industry.

Adam Neumann


Adam Neumann An experienced leader and entrepreneur, Adam is co-founder and CEO of WeWork, one of the largest co-working spaces in the United States With multiple locations in New York and California.

Bill Jacobson


Bill Jacobson Bill is a self-declared bootstrapper who has been active in Boston area Internet and mobile start-ups since the mid nineties. He’s had his share of tough lessons but also successes to keep him coming back for more.

Neal Gorenflo


Neal Gorenflo Neal Gorenflo is the publisher of Shareable Magazine, the leading online magazine about sharing. As a former Fortune 500 strategist, Neal is perhaps an unlikely voice for sharing. An epiphany in 2004 inspired Neal to leave the corporate world to help people share through startups, events, and community.

Tony Bacigalupo

New Work City

Tony Bacigalupo Tony has been organizing coworking communities and local events for nearly five years in New York. He is the mayor of New Work City, New York’s oldest active coworking space, and is actively working to help people hire themselves.

Manuel Zea Barral


Manuel Zea Barralo Manuel Zea Barral. Is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking spaces in Spain: Working Space (Madrid).

Sam Rosen

The Coop

Sam Rosen Sam Rosen has a make-it-happen methodology. As founder of One Design Company, The Coop, Desktime and The Post Family he’s established a well-respected reputation as an entrepreneur and art aficionado.

Mark Gilbreath


Mark Gilbreath Mark Gilbreath is the Founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, a location-based mobile application that helps anyone, anywhere choose a better space to work today.

Joey Dullroy


Joel Dullroy Joel Dullroy is co-founder of Deskwanted and Deskmag, the coworking websites based in Berlin. He is also a cultural organizer and journalist, contributing news stories to international media including the BBC, the Financial Times and Der Spiegel, while recording his own podcast.

Sidi Gomes


Sidi Gomes Social Space Design” – the design of spaces that encourage people to socialize and that help create community, was the topic of my Architectural thesis work at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

David Walker


David Walker David is the co-founder of Conjunctured, Austin’s first coworking space. Since its opening in July 2008, Conjunctured has embraced a personality of fun, friendship, and “let’s make big things happen.”

Marissa Feinberg

Green Spaces

Marissa Feinberg Marissa has a life-long work history dedicated to the betterment of society and culture. Currently, she is co-founder of Green Spaces and owner of Green Spaces New York. She also serves as Director of Green Leaders Global, a networking group for sustainability executives.

Elton Rivas

Cowork Jax

Elton RivasElton is a serial entrepreneur and launch consultant. He is the co-founder and President of CoWork Jax, One Spark, and Zero Confines.

Sonya Dufner


Sonya Dufner Sonya Dufner is the Director of Workplace Strategy in the New York office of Gensler. Gensler is a global architectural, design, planning and consulting firm with over 3000 professionals in more than 30 locations.

Kristen Moor

Link Coworking

Kristen MoorKristen Moor is a sophomore in the Plan II Honors Program at The University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not playing tennis or writing for the university’s satirical magazine, The Texas Travesty, Kristen studies (sometimes) and enjoys exploring the quirky city of Austin.

Julian Nachtigal


Julian NachtigalJulian originally studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and look where that lead him; coworking, startups, and Silicon Valley. Over the past two and a half years, Julian has turned the pariSoma Innovation Loft into the most well-known coworking space in San Francisco, while also being the COO to faberNovel, Inc., the consulting company behind pariSoma, and launching TEDxSOMA.

Kyle Coolbroth


Kyle CoolbrothKyle Coolbroth is a creative-thinking and order-making serial entrepreneur with a strong strategy background. After more than 20 years of executive experience in startups, consulting, high-growth companies and larger corporations across numerous industries, Kyle now helps guide the business of CoCo, which he helped found in 2009.