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Now for sale, the complete series of videos from GCUC 2012!

If you are a coworker, or owner of a coworking space, congratulations—you have just stumbled upon a huge resource of videos that cover a wide variety of topics related to your favorite thing: Coworking!

All videos are available for purchase individually, as a complete set, or à la carte. Preview the videos below, then click on the video title for details on how to purchase the full length, HD video for your viewing pleasure!

The State of the Union – Length: 77:22

If you listen to one panel only, this should be it.  Lauren Anderson, Director of Collective Lab moderates this impressive panel that included:

  • Jean-Yves Huwart of Global Enterprises and the European Coworking conference
  • Campbell McKellar – Founder Loosecubes
  • Carsten Foertsch – Founder Deskmag
  • Kevin Kuske – CEO Turnstone

How to Design, Build and Grow Your Space – Length: 58:43

Are you wondering how many square feet your space should be?  Are you curious about what architects are designing?  If you’re in the design process you don’t want to miss Benjamin Dyett of GRIND, Jerome Change of Blankspaces, Sonya Dufner of Gensler and Sidi Gomes of C3.  Mark Gilbreath, CEO of Liquidspace moderates.

Ask a Coworking Owner – Length: 58:08

On the Coworking Googlegroup we are asked the same questions over and over.  We have compiled them for our panel and asked the talented Anna Thomas of Loosecubes to moderate.  On our gifted panel are: Kyle Coolboth of CoCo, Jeremy Neuner of NextSpace, Sam Rosen of The Coop and Julian Nachtigal of Parisoma.

Why Real Estate can Make You or Break You – Length: 59:42

What do you do if you have a problem with your landlord?  How long of lease term should you sign? Our all star panel was moderated by Jean Yves Huwart of Global Enterprises and consisted of Adam Newmann of WeWork, Bill Jacobson of Workbar,  Brian Mac Mahon  of  Your Office Agent and Carolina Rendeiro of Right Space, Inc.

How to Get Government Funding, Operate as a Non-profit and be a Bad Ass – Length: 41:27

Gangplank doesn’t really identify with being a Coworking space, they’re more of revolutionaries.  They don’t play by the rules—they break them.  Learn from Derek Neighbors and Jade Meskill why they were the only space give the floor all to themselves….

Interns Are the Future – Length: 32:18

Are you using Interns?  Do you have a plan?  Do you want to change some lives?  Then give a listen to Liz Elam of Link Coworking, Noelle Stary of Launchpad Creative, Adam DeVos of Internship Builder and Kristen Moor (an actual intern) – moderated by Alex Lang of Cobot.

What to do When You Hit a Bump in the Road – Length: 29:16

We asked some of Coworking veterans to weigh in on what to do when things don’t exactly go as planned.  Jerome Chang of Blankspaces has fun moderating Jacob Sayles of Office Nomads, Alex Hillman of Indyhall and David Walker of Conjunctured.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Your Space and Your Community – Length: 26:56

How is your space using technology?  How should you be using technology?  Rebecca Brian of Nextspace moderated.  Mark Gilbreath of Liquidspace, Joel Dullroy of Deskwanted, Marissa Feinberg of Green Spaces and Elton Rivas of Cowork Jax all share what they have learned.

Why You Need to Get in the News – Length: 44:36

A good discussion with dissenting points of view about whether you should promote yourself in the media.  Our panel included Tony Bacigalupo of New Work City, Manuel Zea Barral of Coworking Spain Craig Baute of Density Coworking and Neal Gorenflo of Shareable,   Joel Dullroy of Deskwanted moderated.

Unconference Reports Back – Length: 34:26

Did you miss out on the Unconference?  The highlights are spelled out for you here lead by Iris Kavanaugh of Next Space.

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